I have been in a 3 year relationship and we both have children

Everything was great and we moved in together and then it all went downhill. His child became clingy and very disrespectful towards me but he does nothing about it. If I even mention anything about it I am the one the is blamed. He takes his child’s side before even listening to anything. I can’t even voice an opinion in the house without being marked as a mean ogre. How do you handle this?

NYE I told him for the first time I loved him and he responded that he really liked me

My boyfriend (now ex) and I lived together and had been together for a little over a year. He started a job 4 hours away and was gone 2 weeks and home 1 week. The pulling away from me started when the job started. But I still thought we were happy, just thought he was going through an adjustment. We were happier than ever (so I thought). Christmas came around, he splurged and bought me a $800 gift. We were still happy. I also started a new job where I work I had to work 4 nights and was only home 3 nights when he was home. WE decided to try to find a bigger place to live in my hometown so that I could be closer to family and not alone when he was out of town working and we found a place. I moved everything while he was working. He even paid for the deposits and first months rent About a week ago when he came home from work he told me he no longer had feelings for me and wants to break up, but he did this through text message because he said he didn’t want to see me hurt or cry. He says it’s nothing I have or have not done and he thinks I am an amazing, wonderful woman that deserves the world. Since the text message I’ve heard very little from him..mostly just him wanting to pick things up. I’m very hurt and https://besthookupwebsites.org/tr/upforit-inceleme/ frustrated and just trying to understand. Anybody have any idea why or what I should or shouldn’t do?

His child won’t visit anymore and it’s put on my shoulders and now the relationship has ended because of his child

Hi Lisa, ok my situation is out of normal and is confusing. I am with this guy who never expresses his feelings. He says he likes me but does not love me(it is the farest he will go) and for most of time he is cold. It seems simple right? However what puzzles me is that when together he takes care of me, even the way he touches me is super sweet and when he speaks about the future (like situations that will happen in 3 4 years) he includes me on them…. I am confused…Cant understand this situation…Any ideas about what is really going on?

Hi there, I hope you can help/reassure me. Me and my boyfriend have been together for 9 months. 7 months in he said he loved me and asked me to move in with him in the new year. I told him I felt the same but didn’t say the words. The next month was really stressful, he was moving house, we were saving to go on holiday in December and work for both of us piled up and I guess communication faltered. We then went on a 2 week holiday where I said I wanted to wait longer before moving in and we had a really productive talk/argument where we both wanted to work things out after the last month where we felt our relationship had stagnated and action planned some manageable changes like ensuring date night weekly. When I asked that in November he said he loved me he said “yeah don’t think too much into it” things have been amazing since we got back and we have so many plans for the new year,including holidays, he asked me to join his crossfit gym, he wants to get more involved in my interests and hobbies. He gave me a key to his house and has said he wants me to be involved in decisions in his new house. I’m worried that he no longer loves me I don’t want to be settled for, is that the case do you think or is he being cautious? Thank you